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veryone knows Sal as the energetic and spirited pie guy, but did you know he was also a pro boxer? A Jersey boy born and raised, Sal boxed for over 18 years and was among the "Who's Who" of Atlantic City Boxing. Some of Sal's acquaintances range from Sylvester Stalone to Don King.

During the 1980s Sal was undefeated through his first 18 professional bouts scoring 12 knockouts! Boxing defines Sal as a tough go-getter up for any challenge. His childhood gloves given to him as a gift remind him of tying kite strings to apple trees in his backyard to create a boxing ring for his friends.

Sal trained with Roberto Duran, Aaron Pryor, Bobby Czyz and Vinnie Pazienza at the world famous Gleason’s Gym. Together, Sal and Vinnie became known as the “Bruise Brothers.” After turning pro in 1982, a good friend of Sal’s named Rocky Graziano, the real Rocky, asked Sal if he would carry on his ring name, and Sal has been known as “Rocky Cenicola” ever since.

fter winning several European Gold Medals and the coveted Golden Gloves Championship, he continued his Midas punch in many other successful ventures. Sal proved a leader in business world with his very profitable salon "The Upper Cut." He learned early on the importance of service and quality of a great company. He learned to confront challenges in boxing which led him to join the army as an expert infantryman and paratrooper, part of the 82nd Airborne.

Sal always had his family, friends and food to give him support in whatever he accomplished. His family recipes and Italian heritage have found a home in his newest project, Sal's Neighborhood Pizzeria. Sal will tell you his most rewarding success has been his two sons. Sal and Nicky. Together, they have spent many laboring hours in their home kitchen perfecting their family recipes. One of his most humbling experiences is seeing his restaruant growing in popularity as one of the island's favorites. Owing most of the credit to his family and dear friends.

This has been some of Sal's busiest years, being inducted into the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame and broke two boxing world records. Furthermore, the Guinesses Book of World Records has added Sal into the pages of history as the longest retired professional fighter to comback out of retirement and win. (25yrs 66days)




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